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The Pet Rat Hammocks

Snuggle those bums and tails in our comfortably sagging, super comfy hammocks. Suitable for rats, gambian pouched rats, chinchillas, ferrets and other small furries who like to snuggles up in fuzzy beds. Our hammocks are now fitted with metal swivel clips or D-rings and are handmade to order. Our hammocks are made with fleece for comfort and safety reasons. See our accessories section for super safe and easy to use reusable clips which you can use with the D-rings. Please discard chewed items to prevent accidents and injuries.

Did you know?

That all the Rat Warehouse hammocks are handmade here in Somerset? If you would prefer a different colour combo or a plain colour fleece hammock, please email and ask, chances are I will be able to make it for you!

Most made to order so please allow 1-3 working days minimum to ship.

Our unique design, the fluffbum in various sizes and colours.

Lounging tubes, in different sizes, colours and prints.

A design exclusive to the Ratwarehouse, the drop-in has a hole in the middle to access the lower level.

Based on one of the first hammocks sold by TRW, the second generation Roof Rat with two smaller blankets.

A selection of flat hammocks in various colours and sizes.

The Nest hammocks are pocket hammocks in various colours and prints.

The Nightcap Corners are snuggly, deep corner hammocks.

The hammock sets offer better value for money. Always at least one set featured.

Our one of our first hammocks, redesigned and bigger. Simple, unlined, one layer fleece at the bottom, one layer fleece at the top.

Ratcatchers and DropCatch hammocks are massive hammocks which double as an additional floor to fill long drops. Perfect for Explorers, SRS and other large cages.


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